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English Theatre Company

Om 09u15 - BACKCHAT | For intermediate and higher intermediate students

Backchat is the teenage/young adult social media explosion. It is everywhere and on everything. This is the first ever road show where the audience can see the people behind all the Tweets, the Apps, and all the Grams in the flesh. Backchat is a way of life for countless young people. Backchat's presenters are household names, their opinions are taken as gospel, their advice followed diligently, their articles, reports, and stories are awaited with bated breath. No teenager or young adult can really have a point of view that hasn't been, at least partly, formed by Backchat. Backchat is an interactive comedy in ETC's style comprised of sketches all around a common theme.

Om 10u35 - A BIT OF A HITCH | For higher intermediate and advanced students.

A Bit Of A Hitch is above all a comedy in full ETC style. It's also a mystery, intrigue, suspense, thriller, spy, detective story: but it is above all a comedy, with its touch of romance, as we attemt to perform all the key moments in Alfred Hitchcock's films on stage.
Bit of a Hitch introduces us to David, a perfectly happy History teacher who, in a typically Hitchcockian plot device, is mistaken for somebody else and is sucked into a wordl of crime, dangerous women, mysterious and menacing men as mistake follows mistake, dragging David deeper and deeper into our fast moving, highly entertaining, comic, film noir world.

        Van: 09:15:00 Tot: 10:15:00
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        Van: 10:35:00 Tot: 11:35:00
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